Online home delivery service shut

Like many people, we consider the new year an opportunity to evaluate our direction. We feel that 2023 will be a financial challenge to small business, so we're aiming:

- to operate more local to our farm
- use less fuel
- be more time efficient.

Looking over our costs, vehicle expenses were certainly our biggest cost last year. As a business, we are forever mindful of the impact we are having on the environment, and cutting down on vehicle use will help this.

We have decided not to continue our home delivery service. We know that this decision will be disappointing for our home delivery customers.

Our online deliveries saved our business during the covid years. We will be forever thankful that we set it up, and grateful to all our wonderful online customers who used the service, promoted it to friends and family, sent us messages, emails, comments, presents ... even flowers!

Thank you for your encouragement, support and friendship.

So what does Salty River Farm look like going forward? Our local stockists will continue to sell our produce. We will be at Matakana Village Farmer's Market every Saturday.

We are taking pre-orders every week for pickup at Matakana Village Farmer's Market. This means you can lock in your order before Saturday's market and have a sleep-in! Order close-off is Thursday evening. 

Currently, we are selling out each week due to the market and our stockists doing so well.

In the future, as we build more infrastrucure and grow more, we will look for another stockist ... and keep you posted.