By the gods, mate!! This is what veges should taste like! Just realised how amazing it is to have a simple salad when the veges are good, thanks guys, that's awesome AAA quality produce! JB
"I picked up my first order of salad from you today ... I am absolutely thrilled! I have never purchased such quality produce before! Thank you so much", Liz
"Wonderfully fresh produce and as a result lasts much longer. Friendly service, which you can't get in a supermarket. I recommend you read Salty River's farm philosophy on their website. Love the idea of supporting small businesses! Definitely recommend you try Salty River produce. Enjoy!" Alexandra

Salty River farm grows without the use of synthetic sprays or fertilizers. Find our produce at Matakana Smokehouse Shopette, The Superette - Omaha Beach and see us at Matakana Village Farmers Market on Saturdays

Salty River Farm sits alongside the Whanaki River, a tidal arm of the Kaipara. It's near Port Albert and a bit over an hour's drive north-west of Auckland. We are a small team of two, and with the help of our boys grow and sell a variety of vegetables, raise calves, breed goats and love our farm life.