Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are you organic?
A: We don't use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, all the nutrients and plant food we use are natural, but we are not certified organic. More information on how we grow can be found in 'Our farm philosophy'.

Q: Do you have a farm shop?
A: No, but you can find our produce at these locations:
- Salty River Farm is at Matakana Village Farmer's Market on Saturdays
- Matakana Smokehouse Shopette
- The Superette, Omaha Beach
- you can order for home delivery on this website to North Auckland postcodes. Or you can order for farm or market pickups. For more information head to 'delivery and pickup service'.

Q: Do you grow everything in your online shop?
A: We're the first to admit we can't grow some things better than other growers - like big carrots from Ohakune, potatoes from Pukekohe or kumara from Dargaville, so we buy what we can't grow from other NZ growers. Although we prefer to support growers with similar growing philosophies to us, often this isn't possible, and these items may be grown conventionally. You can check individual product description in the shop for this information.

Q: I've ordered but haven't received an order confirmation.
A: Check your spam folder. Check your email address doesn't have an extra space before or after. All orders receive both an order confirmation email and a delivery or pickup notification email. These emails contain important delivery information, so please read.

Q: What if I'm not going to be home on delivery day?
A: We recommend leaving out a chiller box at your front door. This will keep your veges cool in the heat, and dry if it rains. In fact, leaving out a chilly bin is a great idea even if you're home. It means you can relax and not have to listen out. You will receive a notification once your order is delivered.

Q: When is the weekly order cut-off for home delivery and pickup?
A: Usually cutoff is Sunday 1pm for home delivery and farm pickup. However during times of high demand, cutoff is when we sellout. Check the dates showing on the online shop front for which week we're currently taking orders for. Your order confirmation email also contains the delivery week you've ordered for.
 Market pre-orders need to be in by Thursday evening for pickup the following Saturday.

Q: How can I easily find produce only grown by Salty River Farm in your online shop?
A: There is a separate menu called 'Salty River Farm grown'. You can click on each individual product description in the main shop for this information also.

Q: What crops do you grow?
A: Have a read of 'About Us'. Subscribe to our farm update and follow us on facebook or instagram to keep up to date with crop planting and harvesting.

Q: Do you deliver to all of Auckland?
A: We deliver to North Auckland postcodes. We choose to deliver ourselves, not using a courier. You can find the list of postcodes in 'Our delivery & pickup service' tab.

Q: What packaging do you use?
A: We use home-compostable/worm-farm-friendly bags to package our leafy-greens and lettuce mixes. We use paper bags, rubber bands and re-use cardboard boxes. Please think of us if you have paper handle bags (like click and collect) and cardboard boxes for us to re-use, you can leave them out for us at delivery. More info about packaging at 'Our farm philosophy'.

Q: Do you run farm visits?
A: This is something we're planning on doing in the future. It would be a day when you can visit the farm, see how we grow, meet the farm animals and have a country day out. Follow us on facebook or instagram for updates.

Q: Why has an item disappeared from the shop this week?
A: We grow seasonally so the item might have finished for the season. Often we sell out so will remove the item until the next week's orders. The crop might have been attacked by a bug or been knocked over by wind. We are at the mercy of mother nature! It makes things a bit exciting sometimes. 

Q: How do I know when your yummy baby tomatoes are coming up?
A: The best way to keep up with what's happening on the farm is to subscribe to our farm update email and follow us on facebook or instagram. We also do a 'Farm update' on the online shop each season.